Vaccinations against Covid-19 have started in many countries around the world. HDI has insured around one third of doctors in Germany – for vaccination work in their own practices or at vaccination centres. One of them is Inga Goetze. The Difference called her after her first day’s work at the vaccination centre.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, the anxiety researcher Borwin Bandelow has been looking into how people are responding to it. In our interview, he talks about fear of the virus and the lack of willingness to take the vaccine.

Angelika Spisla sits at the reception desk in Hilden. And she’s at her sewing machine. During her working day, she has made more than 500 masks to provide protection against the coronavirus. And at the same time, she’s been collecting donations. With the official approval of her boss.

The employees of three Group companies are moving into a new building this year: in Italy, Poland and Mexico. The companies are already making preparations for the issue that is making waves among many architects all over the world: What will the office of tomorrow look like?

Start-up founder Sebastian Dominguez had nothing to do with insurance companies for a long time. The branch of HDI Global in Munich was very comfortable with that. This was precisely the perspective that had been lacking in the sales team.

HDI in Italy is joining forces with Vodafone to address telematics tariffs. Level-headed drivers benefit from more favourable premiums and improved service. This is a country where the technology has long been well established.

HDI is strengthening the digital literacy of its brokers with the initiative “#handschlag” – and earning enthusiastic approval for its efforts. In the third part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Tilman Möller explains why he’s so enthusiastic about this initiative.

Our Group CEO, Torsten Leue, talks about how the pandemic is affecting Talanx, what impact the coronavirus is having on Group strategy and the consequences of the “New Normal” for the world of work.

Everything’s running smoothly! This is the conclusion many have been drawing after seven months of the pandemic where the majority of people have been carrying out mobile working on every working day. Things are only partly okay, warned leadership expert Wolfgang Jenewein in an audio interview with The Difference.

The colleagues of the newly constituted “Operations” section at HDI Systeme AG had only just got to know each other. Then the coronavirus came along – and suddenly everyone was confined to mobile working. Nevertheless, Hanna Beyer has formed her team into a dedicated crew. How has she achieved that?

The coronavirus has turned working life upside down across the world. And the experts believe that there will be long-term consequences. But what does the roadmap to the new world of work look like? The Difference asked this question: In Poland, Germany, Brazil and Turkey.

Changing jobs during the coronavirus pandemic – that means: application interviews with videoconferencing and learning the ropes from your home office. Does this really work?

Lockdown in Germany: The brewhouse tavern “Gaffel am Dom” closed its doors to guests, but the costs are continuing. In the second part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Erwin Ott recalls the hours when his need was greatest.

The market for actuaries is highly competitive in Germany. The HDI Group is therefore looking for international reinforcements. And the Group recruited Hüseyin Celikel from the Bosporus to the banks of the River Leine in Hannover.

HDI in Mexico is able to use Big Data to predict where the next traffic accident is likely to take place. This means that the insurer’s loss adjusters are assigned to the scene in double-quick time.

Dilara Bölükbas is one of 100 junior staff undergoing training with HDI in Germany. In common with so many career starters, her early days at the company have been shaped by the coronavirus.

At the last United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Madrid, Hannover Re surprised the public by making a contribution to a natural disaster fund measured in millions. The aim of the money provided by the reinsurer is to help those people who are suffering most from climate change: people living in emerging and developing countries.

At the beginning of the year, a severe earthquake nearly destroyed the livelihood of Aziz Şener. But Turkish insurer HDI Sigorta leapt to his side and helped him. Aziz Şener launches the new series in The Difference entitled “Our Purpose” by telling his story.

The coronavirus pandemic has been the moment of truth for people and companies. All around the globe, the Talanx Group is helping to overcome the crisis and ameliorate the consequences of the virus.

Taking out insurance policies becomes as easy as doing online shopping. Brazilian insurer HDI Seguros calculates tailormade tariffs within seconds. And needs just three answers from customers to do the calculation.

Polish insurer TU Europa is testing new products in the growing market for the gaming scene: insuring consoles, digital gold and magic swords.

Alongside his job as a data scientist at German HDI Kundenservice AG, Pascal Godejohann has been taking a master’s degree at TU Dublin – and he earned the award of “Student of the Year” for his outstanding performance among his cohort of students.

HDI One Click, hr | equarium and HIPE are the winners of this year's Transformation Award 2020. Torsten Leue announced the top three projects from the virtual stage of this year's digital Executive Meeting.

How will the world of work develop in the wake of the pandemic? Will companies change sustainably? Will there be a new normal – and if that’s the case: what will it look like?

Teams from Italian insurer HDI Assicurazioni are taking time out in “Agile Rooms” they created. Their aim is to find digital answers to the aspirations of their customers.

The Talanx Group staff magazine has won the most prestigious prize for corporate media in Europe. The jury was particularly impressed by the concept with its focus on the employees.

Banking App, voice analysis, emergency cyber assistance: The HDI Group is making use of innovative technologies from start-ups in order to drive its digitalisation forward. We are presenting nine of them that HDI is involved in or which the Group is cooperating with.

“Lizzy” helps motor customers of HDI with advice and assistance. And it’s just twelve weeks since the chatbot came into existence.

HDI Seguros in Mexico has developed a lot of digital innovations that have defined benchmarks in this country. “The Difference” presents three of them.

Four months ago, Anett Pandurics became a mother. It quickly became obvious that she would continue as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Posta Biztosító in Hungary. Just how she would manage to combine the two roles emerged after she gave birth.

Goodbye United Kingdom: Claire McDonald, Head of the HDI Branch in London, explained the impacts of Brexit on the business of HDI Global and what this means for colleagues in the United Kingdom.

More than 250 car drivers unknowingly ended up putting the wrong fuel in their tank. HDI came to the rescue in their hour of need. Although there was no clarity on which insurer would ultimately have to foot the bill.

WorkFusion automatically extracts the most important information from documents. Dr Gunnar Dolling, Head of top.Claims at HDI Versicherung AG, explains the rationale for HDI’s new strategic partnership.

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