The employees of three Group companies are moving into a new building this year: in Italy, Poland and Mexico. The companies are already making preparations for the issue that is making waves among many architects all over the world: What will the office of tomorrow look like?

Teams from Italian insurer HDI Assicurazioni are taking time out in “Agile Rooms” they created. Their aim is to find digital answers to the aspirations of their customers.

Warta’s strategic approach puts its agents and customers at the centre of the action. This is reflected in the day-to-day activities of the Polish insurance company.

Climate and energy solutions manufacturer Viessmann has selected HDI as its insurance partner. Key factors in the decision were a smart digital platform and the capability to respond flexibly to customers’ needs.

“Lizzy” helps motor customers of HDI with advice and assistance. And it’s just twelve weeks since the chatbot came into existence.

The prize-winners of the first Agile Award have now been decided. Click on the graph to find out more about the initiatives.

Our Group is evolving into an agile organisation. Find out just what agility means for HDI. Learn about agile projects and discover how HDI promotes agility within the Group.

How can employees in the HDI Group engage in networking about issues that are relevant across companies? The “Talx” formats provide the answer to this question.


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