HDI Seguros in Mexico has developed a lot of digital innovations that have defined benchmarks in this country. “The Difference” presents three of them.

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Published in February 2020 Author: Diana Garcia, Marco Serrano

Digital in Mexico means exceeding customers’ expectations. Over the past few years, HDI Seguros S.A. de C.V. in Mexico has been working hard on digitally facilitating and expediting its processes. The aim was to make life easier for customers, agents and employees, as well as enhancing business. This has put the company on the right trajectory to reach its strategic target of HDI International AG advancing to be the digital market leader in its five core markets of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Turkey and Poland. “The Difference” presents three of the most innovative solutions developed by HDI Seguros here.

“Ajustador Digital”
The Digital Adjuster, or “Ajustador Digital” in Spanish, is an application promoting the response time for providing rapid assistance to customers involved in an accident. HDI was the first insurance company in Mexico to develop and launch this kind of remote digital appraisal tool in the marketplace. Thanks to “Ajustador Digital”, motor policyholders are able to use their smartphones to report minor accidents to HDI 24/7 without having to wait for an adjuster to get on site. In Mexico, an adjuster generally has to come to the site of an accident in order to record details of the damage – and this leads to long waiting times. Because customers can now use “Ajustador Digital” to report a large number of minor accidents, HDI has also been able to decrease the average waiting time for cases of this nature where an adjuster continues to be required.

Since the release of the adjuster in 2017, customers have used “Ajustador Digital” more than 16,240 times – 11,500 of those during the course of last year. It has been well worth it for them. Customers receive an appraisal of the motor damage on average within two hours. If a conventional adjuster has to become involved, it generally takes two days until customers receive the damage appraisal.

How “Ajustador Digital” operates

Underwriting bot “Clau”
“Clau” was launched last year. It is a specialised underwriting bot for Mexican insurance agents. They are of crucial importance to HDI in Mexico because insurers sell a large proportion of their policies through these intermediaries. “Clau” empowers insurance agents to calculate individual policy discounts quickly and easily. This makes life easier for the agents and benefits HDI as well. The underwriting bot has so far reduced the work of the HDI underwriting team through a 20 percent decrease in the enquiries made by agents. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data help “Clau” to calculate potential discounts on the basis of risk estimations depending on the type of vehicle and driver. Thanks to this initiative, the number of policies where HDI had to make an adjustment to the discount proposed by the agent came down by 80 percent. At the same, the conversion rate for customers increased by 17 percent.

“MAP Centre”
Three years ago, HDI started the “MAP Centre”. The abbreviation stands for “Monitoring and Analysis of Processes”. This is a system that allows HDI to visualise information and processes also when the moment of truth comes and HDI customers have an accident. A series of large screens display all the information and processes that are generated at the start of the customer journey and this plays a key role in ensuring a good customer experience through all the processes: customer service in the “Contact Centre”, adjusters involved in settling the claim and information about repairs for the car. The “Map Centre” allows employees at HDI Seguros to take decisions efficiently that are in the customer’s best interest. All this work has paid off! Since the “MAP Centre” was rolled out, HDI has succeeded in increasing the Net Promoter Score used by the company to assess customer satisfaction by 30 percent.

Impressions of the "MAP Centre”
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