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HDI in Italy is joining forces with Vodafone to address telematics tariffs. Level-headed drivers benefit from more favourable premiums and improved service. This is a country where the technology has long been well established.

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Published in March 2021 Author: Andrea Strummiello

Lots of drivers are no longer sitting alone in their cars on the streets of Rome, Milan and Turin. HDI frequently accompanies drivers now as a level-headed passenger. HDI Assicurazioni worked together with telecommunications company Vodafone to develop the telematics policy “HDI Insieme” (Eng.: together). HDI is a companion on every trip with the appropriate telematics box stowed on board. And it’s all at the request of customers: “An increasing number of policyholders want to find out details of their driving style,” commented CEO Roberto Mosca. “They expect value-for-money premiums. At the same time, they appreciate effective assistance in an emergency, for example if there is an accident or in cases of theft.”

Italy is a telematics country

Essentially, the technology operates in the same way wherever you happen to be. And yet acceptance for telematics tariffs varies considerably on the international scene. While the technology hasn’t been adopted on a mass scale in Germany so far, it has found more popularity with drivers in the United Kingdom and Italy. In 2012, fewer than five percent of cars were on the move with telematics technology in Italy, but in 2019 it had already been adopted by 23 percent. Italy is a country where insurers are required to offer a corresponding tariff. This pays off handsomely: The claims frequency falls. What’s more, the drop is significantly greater than in the rest of Europe. Most importantly, young drivers and owners of sports cars or new cars become involved in fewer accidents – and this means that they benefit from cheaper premiums.

An app comes as part of the “HDI Insieme” tariff. This allows drivers to track their journey history and receive tips for additional safety in future. They even receive a message if they are exceeding a specific speed limit. The evaluation of braking behaviour, speed and cornering helps drivers to improve their driving style. This is in turn rewarded by HDI.

HDI and Vodafone advertise the telematics policy “HDI Insieme”.
Help in an emergency

Furthermore, the app allows the user to track the route to their parked car and they can also be informed if the car leaves a specified area, for example in cause of a theft. In an emergency, the telematics solution provides first aid. If the device located in the car is subject to a substantial impact shock, the customer is called on their smartphone and asked whether everything is okay – or an ambulance is dispatched to the scene.

The telematics tariff also provides advantages for HDI. The insurer benefits from improved customer selection – anybody who doesn’t want to drive in a level-headed style will not sign up for the corresponding tariffs. Telematics customers drive more cautiously and don’t cause as many claims. Another fillip is that customers tend to take out more insurance add-ons such as breakdown assistance, theft insurance and legal protection insurance. The new telematics customers on average voluntarily concluded up to four insurance add-ons. The average for conventional customers was only up to two add-ons.

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