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Handshake Illustration: Hauke Andersen

HDI is strengthening the digital literacy of its brokers with the initiative “#handschlag” – and earning enthusiastic approval for its efforts. In the third part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Tilman Möller explains why he’s so enthusiastic about this initiative.

Published in March 2021

This time it wasn’t a product for which German HDI was seeking to generate enthusiasm among its brokers. It was the hand that the insurer was stretching out. In 2018, HDI Vertriebs AG launched a digitalisation offensive in Germany with “#handschlag” (handshake). The aim of the initiative of and for brokers is to jointly develop new digital solutions in order to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. In times of radical change, HDI is being proactive in preparing itself for the insurance world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This is where the future is being forged together. In an equal partnership with the brokers. Meanwhile, the partnership has become a personal mission for Tilman Möller. Very much in the spirit of our Purpose. He said: “Fostering entrepreneurship is something very personal to me.”

“#handschlag enables us to provide a promise."
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