At the beginning of the year, a severe earthquake nearly destroyed the livelihood of Aziz Şener. But Turkish insurer HDI Sigorta leapt to his side and helped him. Aziz Şener launches the new series in The Difference entitled “Our Purpose” by telling his story.

Published in September 2020

At around 8:55 one evening at the beginning of the year, Aziz Şener felt the floor beneath him start to rumble. This was followed by a severe earthquake which caused thousands of houses in the eastern part of Turkey to collapse, or seriously damaged them. The resulting devastation also included the office used by Aziz Şener, who sells insurance policies for HDI Sigorta in the region. Life as he knew it was at risk of changing in the blink of an eye.

“Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship” is the Purpose of the Talanx Group and HDI Sigorta regarded it as a promise. The insurer stood by Aziz Şener in his hour of need. His story marks the launch of a multi-part series in The Difference showing how people in the Talanx Group breathe life into the Purpose.

“The earthquake was much worse than we thought.”
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