“Leadership can be done by everyone who takes on ownership” Photo: Florian Generotzky

Everything’s running smoothly! This is the conclusion many have been drawing after seven months of the pandemic where the majority of people have been carrying out mobile working on every working day. Things are only partly okay, warned leadership expert Wolfgang Jenewein in an audio interview with The Difference.

Published in November 2020

What happens to teams if they are only working separately and in a virtual environment? Is it really possible to develop the next big idea like that? Professor Dr Wolfgang Jenewein from the University of St Gallen is sceptical that success can be taken for granted. The leadership expert advises and coaches major international groups at management board level and has worked together with organisations like the German national football team. For many years, he has been focusing his research and teaching on positive management and the cultural transformation of organisations. He said: At the moment, people are generally working efficiently – but  there is a lack of effectiveness. It’s not sufficient simply to administer the status quo. He went on to say that the challenge now for employees and managers was to change their behaviour. They needed to have the courage to embrace new ideas and make good use of the opportunities the crisis presents.

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