Teams from Italian insurer HDI Assicurazioni are taking time out in “Agile Rooms” they created. Their aim is to find digital answers to the aspirations of their customers.

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Published in September 2020 Author: Andrea Strummiello

There are strict rules: no phones and no meetings. No distractions from the outside world. Anybody who enters one of the agile rooms” specially created at Italian insurer HDI Assicurazioni accepts two fundamental principles: all the decisions are taken by the people in the room. And each full hour starts a new countdown, designed to facilitate the group’s swift progress.

“We have agreed that we can’t allow any distractions in our agile rooms,” said Roberto Mosca, CEO of HDI Assicurazioni. “After all, we know how difficult this is in our everyday work environment – if not almost impossible.” The three agile rooms are intended to generate innovations so that HDI is better equipped to master the challenges in the marketplace. HDI has a twin track in mind with the agile rooms: more agility and development towards an increasingly data-driven company.

First success story: cultural change

The interdisciplinary, integrated groups gathered in the rooms make use of lots of different agile working methods, for example the daily stand-up meeting. When outputs are being discussed, customers may well be invited into the rooms. Stakeholders may also join, independently of their role and function.

Even after just a few months, the first successes emerged. One of them is the culture: “We have noticed that we are focusing more intensely on the customer and no longer simply on the insurance policy,” said Roberto Mosca. “As a result of the modified perspective, we have started to redesign the customer journey. The aim is to close the gap between the customer’s aspirations and the deliverable offered by HDI Assicurazioni.” One example of this is redesigning the website in the area of homeowners’ insurance. This has been transformed into an important contact point for sharing ideas between the company and the insurance agents.

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