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How will the world of work develop in the wake of the pandemic? Will companies change sustainably? Will there be a new normal – and if that’s the case: what will it look like?

Published in September 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has turned old certainties upside down and may well be creating an entirely new normal. Meanwhile, the concept is increasingly coming up in discussions about how the world could change as a result of the coronavirus. It captures where societies and companies are heading as a result of this game-changing crisis – in the conviction that there will be no return to a world as it was before the coronavirus.    

We are doing a trend check: what do you believe the new normal might look like? It takes just 90 seconds to answer the questions and naturally the survey is anonymous.

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The coronavirus pandemic has been the moment of truth for people and companies. All around the globe, the Talanx Group is helping to overcome the crisis and ameliorate the consequences of the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the economy and society throughout the world. It is taking people and companies to the limits of their resilience. Yet at the same time, the crisis is also proving the worth and vitality of our Purpose: Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship.

The coronavirus pandemic has dispelled all certainties in record time. At the beginning of April, The Difference talked to colleagues from all over the world, asking them how their life and work had changed since the outbreak of the virus. A review and outlook in moving times.

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