HDI in Italy is joining forces with Vodafone to address telematics tariffs. Level-headed drivers benefit from more favourable premiums and improved service. This is a country where the technology has long been well established.

HDI in Mexico is able to use Big Data to predict where the next traffic accident is likely to take place. This means that the insurer’s loss adjusters are assigned to the scene in double-quick time.

Taking out insurance policies becomes as easy as doing online shopping. Brazilian insurer HDI Seguros calculates tailormade tariffs within seconds. And needs just three answers from customers to do the calculation.

Polish insurer TU Europa is testing new products in the growing market for the gaming scene: insuring consoles, digital gold and magic swords.

Banking App, voice analysis, emergency cyber assistance: The HDI Group is making use of innovative technologies from start-ups in order to drive its digitalisation forward. We are presenting nine of them that HDI is involved in or which the Group is cooperating with.

HDI Seguros in Mexico has developed a lot of digital innovations that have defined benchmarks in this country. “The Difference” presents three of them.

WorkFusion automatically extracts the most important information from documents. Dr Gunnar Dolling, Head of top.Claims at HDI Versicherung AG, explains the rationale for HDI’s new strategic partnership.

The Internet of Things is changing the business model of many industrial companies. And the same is also true for HDI Global SE. Dr Thomas Kuhnt and Dr Verena Brenner talk about how the insurer is responding to this.

Dr Christiane Woopen, Co-chair of the Data Ethics Commission of the German Federal Government, talks in an interview about ethical requirements for the application of artificial intelligence and about challenges in the development of algorithmic systems.

Polish insurer WARTA is using artificial intelligence to assess the level of damage for cars. In future, this will enable the insurer to settle claims within a few minutes.

Fascination Artificial Intelligence: AI and human go hand-in-hand at WARTA thanks to a new voice bot.

Iris Kremers, Member of the Management Board of HDI Deutschland AG, is advising the German Federal Government in the FinTech Council about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation.

How HDI in Brazil calculates a motor insurance policy with just five questions.

We protect our digital identity with a secure password. If we are careless with using our password or use unsafe passwords, our identity can be quickly stolen or misused. Find out whether your logins can withstand an attack and see whether you can get to be a Password Champion!

How HDI Global SE is leveraging business potentials in selected niches of the segment for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe through online sales.

Brazilian insurer HDI Seguros is sprinting into a digital future with the “Go Digital” innovation programme.

Dr Christoph Wetzel explains what autonomous driving means for German HDI. He is responsible for the portfolio Property / Casualty / Liability / Accident / Motor on the Board of Management of Talanx Deutschland AG.

Uwe Sievers, Managing Director at the branch office of HDI Global SE in Japan, talks about the growing premium volume and the successful market launch of the cyber policy.


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