Angelika Spisla sits at the reception desk in Hilden. And she’s at her sewing machine. During her working day, she has made more than 500 masks to provide protection against the coronavirus. And at the same time, she’s been collecting donations. With the official approval of her boss.

Start-up founder Sebastian Dominguez had nothing to do with insurance companies for a long time. The branch of HDI Global in Munich was very comfortable with that. This was precisely the perspective that had been lacking in the sales team.

HDI is strengthening the digital literacy of its brokers with the initiative “#handschlag” – and earning enthusiastic approval for its efforts. In the third part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Tilman Möller explains why he’s so enthusiastic about this initiative.

The market for actuaries is highly competitive in Germany. The HDI Group is therefore looking for international reinforcements. And the Group recruited Hüseyin Celikel from the Bosporus to the banks of the River Leine in Hannover.

Changing jobs during the coronavirus pandemic – that means: application interviews with videoconferencing and learning the ropes from your home office. Does this really work?

Lockdown in Germany: The brewhouse tavern “Gaffel am Dom” closed its doors to guests, but the costs are continuing. In the second part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Erwin Ott recalls the hours when his need was greatest.

Dilara Bölükbas is one of 100 junior staff undergoing training with HDI in Germany. In common with so many career starters, her early days at the company have been shaped by the coronavirus.

At the beginning of the year, a severe earthquake nearly destroyed the livelihood of Aziz Şener. But Turkish insurer HDI Sigorta leapt to his side and helped him. Aziz Şener launches the new series in The Difference entitled “Our Purpose” by telling his story.

Alongside his job as a data scientist at German HDI Kundenservice AG, Pascal Godejohann has been taking a master’s degree at TU Dublin – and he earned the award of “Student of the Year” for his outstanding performance among his cohort of students.

Four months ago, Anett Pandurics became a mother. It quickly became obvious that she would continue as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Posta Biztosító in Hungary. Just how she would manage to combine the two roles emerged after she gave birth.

Sabrina Piwek from sales company HDI Vertriebs AG is the face of the company with the broker community. She is so good at her work that she was recently selected for an award as the “Best Broker in the Area of Occupational Retirement Provision”.

Risk engineer Benjamin Rohloff from HDI Risk Consulting is a specialist for skyscrapers and tunnels.

Pedro Pancorbo Parras moved from Spain to Hannover when he embarked on his training and he is now starting his career at HDI Global SE in Barcelona.

Fayez Allababidy and Djoulde Barry fled from their home countries and found a training place at Talanx.

Patrick Bechtum from HDI Global SE in the Netherlands tortures himself by riding his bicycle over the highest mountains in Europe so that he can help children with severe diseases.


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